Window Cleaners in Birmingham Who Use the Latest Technology

Get your glass washed by trained and reliable professionals. All of the window cleaners on our Birmingham team are highly experienced and specially equipped.

That equipment is made up of our water-fed extension poles. This tool allows us to clean from the safety of ground level. Which means no people clambering around on ladders near your property. And no-one peering in at you through the bedroom window.

You’ll also see us use purified water in all of our work. This water naturally binds with and washes away dirt, without the need for harmful detergents. And with repeated use, it’ll form a protective layer to guard your glass against further harm. Meaning you won’t need a service again for longer.

Why Others Use Our Window Cleaning Services in Birmingham

  • Get your window cleaning services wherever in Birmingham that you’re based. And rely on high quality work using the latest tools.
  • Round-the-clock customer support comes with all of our services as standard. So there’s never a bad time to get in touch, 24/7.
  • Professional glass cleaners trained and equipped with the top modern technology.
  • Suitable for all properties. With rope access methods for taller, and water-fed pole systems available for standard properties.
  • Great value for money. And with great supporting options for gardening services, as well as one off cleaning for the inside of your home.
  • Fully insurance protection is yours as standard. As is privacy protection. Our tools mean we don’t need to climb ladders.
  • Free quotations handed out over the phone any time you need one.

Call 012 1461 0333, or contact us online at any time. Start your service with a free quote. And get the answers to any questions you want to ask whenever you’ve got five minutes free. That’s how little time your booking process will take.

Window Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

All sorts of tenants, as well as domestic and commercial property owners use for the window cleaning they need in Birmingham. Before a service starts, there are often a few questions asked about what we do. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries:

Q. Do I need to provide access to water or equipment?

A. Not at all. We’ll come ready equipped with everything we need, including a vat of water in the back of our vehicle. This water is drawn through a pipe, purified by our equipment, and then ejected across your windows. We then leave it to dry naturally, meaning you’ll never see any smears or streaks on your glass.

Q. What height of building can your water-fed pole teams reach?

A. Usually up to the fourth storey. To do so, we’ll need a parking space within thirty metres of your property. That’s how long our equipment can reach.

Q. Can you address higher windows?

A. Absolutely. Our specially trained rope access teams mean that there’s almost no height of structure that we can’t deal with.

The Local Specialist Window Cleaners in Birmingham

Professional standards and the latest training is what sets getting your Birmingham window cleaner from Featherby & Moore apart from the rest. It’s peace of mind provided to you at no extra charge…

Just like the full insurance cover and quality guarantee that comes as part of your service. Plus of course, every one of our glass experts come ready equipped with all the equipment they’ll need to deliver high quality cleansing.