Upholstery Cleaners in Birmingham Refreshing Your Furniture

Treat your sofas with the love and attention that they deserve. Get your upholstery cleaners in Birmingham from our highly trained team. You can count on getting the right equipment. And the right expertise.

You’ll be able to choose from amongst the very latest in both wet and dry cleansing techniques. We’ve got the option that’s suitable for all types of fabric, and all kinds of furniture.

Plus, all of the work you get from us is covered by comprehensive insurance protection. Perfect for letting you relax while work is under way.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Birmingham That Get You Results

  • A service that’s perfect for armchairs, sofas, chaise longues – any furniture that’s upholstered. And we’ve got special options for leather cleaning too.
  • Specialist cleansing solutions for hot water extraction cleansing, dry cleaning, and dry foam cleaning.
  • The staff delivering your upholstery cleaning services in Birmingham have all been carefully trained and vetted.
  • Don’t worry about the safe hands that your furniture will be in. Our trained sofa cleaners are also fully insured.
  • 24-hour client care and support always on offer. Simple to book. Easy to ask questions.
  • Significant discounts are available when you combine your service with carpet cleaning, or perhaps our one off cleaning services.
  • A free quotation whenever you’d like one. Call to learn more information about our prices.

Call us any time on 012 1461 0333 and request your free quote. It’s also simple to contact us online, by using our booking form or the chat facility in the bottom corner of your page. Resolve any queries that you might have. And get your appointment set up with no hassle or messing around.

FAQs About Upholstery Cleaning

This service for upholstery cleaning in Birmingham is used across the local area by business owners, landlords, homeowners, and tenants alike. Many have a couple of queries before we get started, the most popular of which include:

Q. How do I know which cleaning method will be best for my fabric?

A. You can always rely on the advisor you speak to over the phone to give you any information you need on the cleansing process. Generally, we recommend dry or dry foam cleansing for naturally woven fabric, while synthetic or artificial blends are treated with our hot water extraction apparatus.

Q. Is there a standard drying time?

A. Dry cleaning requires no drying time, while the usual drying time for hot water extraction is around three hours. This can be improved if the room in which your furniture is placed has good ventilation.

Q. Do you offer leather cleaning too?

A. Definitely. Our expertise in this field means we’ll come with a specially chosen set of materials depending on the precise type of leather in question. We can buff, polish, and in many cases restore wear and tear to many types of leather.

Fully Insured Upholstery Cleaners in Birmingham

Because we understand that it can be nerve-wracking to put your expensive fabric into the hands of an unknown team, we provide full insurance cover with the work of every Birmingham upholstery cleaner on our staff. At Featherby & Moore, it’s just part of the service you receive.

What’s more, the experts who come to you have received both initial and ongoing training in the most modern techniques. And they’ve been personally interviewed and vetted to ensure that only the most dedicated fabric specialists arrive at your door.