One Off Cleaners in Birmingham You Control

Make an appointment with skilled and experienced one off cleaners in Birmingham. The kind where quality work isn’t a question – it’s a guarantee.

Quality is the hallmark of Featherby & Moore’s services. And we’ve got the support network in place to ensure it. This means regular inspections. 24-hour a day support services where it’s easy to speak to someone in person. And full insurance cover for you, as the ultimate backstop.

This is a service where you set the tasks for your maid to perform. It isn’t limited to polishing and dusting, either. What about doing your dishes or laundry? We’ll be only too happy to handle it for you.

What You’ll Get With These One Off Cleaning Services in Birmingham

  • A powerful and lasting cleanse of any areas you specify. Choose the jobs you want our expert housekeepers to take care of for you.
  • All maids and housekeepers are fully trained and vetted before they arrive. All have passed through a thorough personal interview process.
  • Full insurance cover comes as standard. Your peace of mind is our highest priority.
  • Customer care and support available whenever you need it. 24-hour a day advisers are available with all options.
  • Set your one off cleaning services to happen whenever you need it to. How about a weekend or Bank Holiday appointment? We work every day of the week to fit your schedule, even on Bank Holidays.
  • Great options for regular domestic cleaning, window cleaning, and more – supporting you on an ongoing basis. Ask about our discounts and special offers.
  • Request your free quote at any time. There’s no obligation or commitment on your part.

A quick call to 012 1461 0333 is all you need to book your service. And you can also get in touch with us with zero hassle online. Contact us via our chat facility or our booking form. Request a free quote and make your booking at any time.

Your One Off Cleaning FAQs Answered

Here are the answers to some of the queries we get asked most frequently about the one off cleaning option we provide in Birmingham:

Q. What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

A. We ask for a fair 48 hours of notice when you need to cancel an appointment. As long as you give us this, there’s no problem or fee. And we’ll be happy to reschedule for a better day and time for you.

Q. Can you perform this specific task around my home?

A. The skilled housekeeper who’ll arrive at your door will have been trained to accomplish all sorts of household jobs, as well as precisely wielding a mop or feather duster. Some of the most popular options asked for by our other customers include dish washing, loading dish washers, feeding pets, watering plants, hanging clothes, and putting on laundry. Simply ask us about what you need when you get in touch.

Q. This service is charged by the hour, but how many hours should I book?

A. When you call, we’ll be more than happy to advise you regarding the amount of time the tasks you need us to do will take to complete. This may change depending on the current condition of your property, but our experience usually allows us to be very accurate.

The Trusted One Off Cleaners For Birmingham

Every Birmingham one off cleaner you hire when you book your appointment with Featherby & Moore comes to you after being fully vetted and personally interviewed. That’s how we know that the full guarantee you get when you use this service is something that won’t cost us.

But just to be safe, you’re covered by full insurance cover every time you use us. It may just be for a single cleanse, but the ability to rest and relax with the service you’ve ordered is an important part of what we give to you.