Carpet Cleaners in Birmingham With the Latest Modern Tools

High quality is the hallmark of the results you’ll get when your carpet cleaners in Birmingham come from Featherby & Moore.

No matter what type of fabric floor coverings you have in place, we’ve got the equipment and the expertise to refresh and revitalise. Get fast dry cleaning for naturally woven fibres – perfect for avoiding shrinking of these valuable materials. And get powerful hot water extraction cleansing – ideal for expanses of artificial or synthetic rugs.

Whatever technique our fully trained and experienced fabric specialists use, you’ll be covered by insurance protection throughout your service. Wonderful when you want to relax while your work is happening.

Get This With Your Carpet Cleaning Services in Birmingham:

  • All types of fabric you have can be treated using our powerful hot water extraction and thorough dry and dry foam cleansing technologies.
  • Your carpet cleaning services will be performed by trained and dedicated specialists armed with the latest tools.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover is yours throughout. You can put your feet up when your fabric is in our hands.
  • Rely on 24-hour support with every service you order. Got a query? It’s easy to get in touch to get it answered by a friendly adviser.
  • Ideal options for upholstery cleaning and general one off cleaning too. Book your services together to get money off with our special deals.
  • Convenient appointment slots that mean you can fit your service in around business opening hours and your off hours at home with ease.
  • Begin your booking by getting your free quote confirmed. You’ll always know how much your service will cost before it begins.

You can contact us quickly and easily online, or dial 012 1461 0333 to reach us whenever it’s convenient for you. Ask any questions that you might have about us or our services. Or make your booking now. We’re always happy to help you.

Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

You can make use of this service for the carpet cleaning you need in any commercial or domestic property in Birmingham. Here are some of the most common queries we get posed about this service, resolved:

Q. What is hot water extraction?

A. More commonly – and incorrectly – known as steam cleaning, hot water extraction uses pressure injection to get a specially selected detergent and hot water mixture deep into the fibres of your carpet. This liquid is then withdrawn, along with all the dirt. Though we would never claim that we’ll be 100% successful in stain removal – we believe that any rug cleaning company that does so is being dishonest – hot water extraction is one of the most effective stain removal methods currently in use.

Q. What if my rug is an expensive Persian or oriental carpet?

A. We’d highly recommend our dry washing method. It uses special chips to bind together with and extract dirt without the need for liquid cleansing agents. This lack of liquid is important for natural fibres, as contact with water can shrink your rug. Plus of course, remember that our insurance cover is extensive in the highly unlikely event that anything unusual happens.

Q. What about eliminating pollutants and allergens in my rugs?

A. For this, we usually suggest our hot water extraction technique. The heat of the water itself is great for helping to create a hypo-allergenic environment. And works well at removing pests and pollutants, as well as stains.

Carpet Cleaners in Birmingham Whose Work is Guaranteed

The Birmingham carpet cleaner who’ll arrive at your door has been given the latest training to ensure that your fabric gets treated by specialists. What’s more, at Featherby & Moore we understand that handing your expensive carpeting over to a team you haven’t used before can be stressful.

Which is why all of the work you get from us comes with comprehensive insurance cover. And a full quality guarantee.